Friday, September 5, 2014

This week

I'm so excited... we have reserved our tickets to Kerala for this weekend.  It's a wonderful time to enjoy the weather and refresh.  This is the first time we are going to celebrate Onam festival in Kerala with my aunt's family. Then we will be attending the house warming ceremony.  In 2011 we visited our great great grandfather's house in Kerala where my father lived his life till his teen and then moved on to Chennai city for his career.  This ancient house holds lots of memories for him. Since it's a very old house the renovation work is going now and expected to complete by the weekend.  I can't tell you how much I'm waiting for a holiday.

Holiday means Family+ Friends+Food.

Sneak peak this week..


He got the butterfly from garden and then set it free...

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sri Krishna Janmashtami and our weekend

Happy Sunday & Happy Janmashtami!  Janmashtami marks the celebration of Lord Sri Krishna's birth. And we celebrated janmashtami at our mom's place. Mom made yummy kesari for us. We had fun loving game,fancy dress and dance.

Here is the snapshot of celebration ...

Little Krishna and Radha 

 Sister helping brother to get ready for the show.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our weekend!

Happy Ramadan!  We had fun filled weekend of family time.  Saturday morning we headed to Shiva temple for Tharpanam - (Hindus believe ancestors come to their descendent on new moon to partake of their food)

Afternoon we went to school to attend Parent's meeting, the school was packed as 3rd and 4th week meet was held together.  Aryan's teacher was overwhelming and exceptionally good with kids.  she knows his strength and weakness.  It was nice to see them interacting.  After the meeting we had lunch at mom's place.  Late evening we had fun with Zeus.

Sunday morning was relaxing time.  After lunch, the day got busier preparing for next day (sewing and packing for shipment).

It's nice to have a holiday after Monday. Happy Eid Mubarak!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's catch up!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I keep saying this but i really can't believe we are half way through July.  I'm loving this weather and weekend was time to relax and enjoy time with family.  Past weeks were extra long with my work, my son's sports day meet, birthdays, attending weddings, cleaning+organising etc

This month....

* Few gorgeous custom design organisers from past week were shipped out. 

* Aryan was in Drill practice; we enjoyed seeing the little ones performing beautifully for Sports Day.

* Supervised homework
* Lots of laundry- generally i don't accumulate dirty clothes i prefer to wash them off every alternative days.  Only after a weekend trip or holiday out i find lot of clothes 
* Cleaned & organised the bedroom cupboards and aryan's closet.
* Gave away old and unused clothes, shoes and toys. Every 3months i keep a check to clear things instead of waiting till year end.
* July is one of my favourite month with good weather and birthday's (my sweet husband turned 41, my niece turned 8, my mom turned 65)

*Zeus into our family

* Attended wedding in Kerala

* Aryan enjoyed playing with his friend 

*Our 4days trip to Kerala; i enjoy every trip to countryside they are very refreshing.

* 3day weekend

Lately I find it hard to document every moment of my life and blog them. Whenever i enjoy the moment i want to capture and share them. Sometimes it is very difficult to balance both.  I stop forcing myself when i can't do everything.  I try to do whenever i'm able to or time permits. 

Everything was perfect.  I don't know what could have made better for this month.  Before writing this post i made the bed and put aryan to sleep. Poor one very tired after 3days long weekend; he enjoyed & played every moment. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ben 10 Backpack and School uniform

Summer vacation is over and school season kick started. Going back to school after a month's vacation is not very cool for kids. So just a week before the School reopening I decided that Aryan must have his new backpack for his first day of school.  With my shop orders lined up I had very less time to sew a backpack and his new uniform.  I guess sometime you just have to force yourself to make time.  He loves BEN 10 and I had promised to make Ben 10 backpack long back. 

My son was really excited about his new backpack & new uniform and after seeing them he was very happy and geared up for his first day at school

Short sleeve uniform shirt fits him perfectly. I love all details and how it turned out (Front pocket with school label, back yoke, sturdy collar).

I choose to make simple and convienient pattern for bacpack with little time in hand . As you know i love recycling. This backpack was made from an old Jean same like owly backpack                  
This was the first time I was working with pipping.  I had got few plastic pipes long back which i was thinking to use for bags. Gosh! I had a hard time to sew it around. But I'm very happy the way it turned out - Stiff to hold the shape.

When Aryan knew I was making the Ben10 backpack for him ; he was behind me every now and then asking " Mama is it ready"  When the backpack was ready he was so happy to see it and he was wearing it the whole day. It feels so nice to make things for kids that they really like.

I have added the adjustable straps and I padded the strap with cotton batting so it sits perfectly and comfy on his shoulder.  Roomy interior with little open pocket (I just forgot to take the photo from inside).  Ben 10 photos are washable sticker appliqu├ęd on the front.
Overall this was made in little time and fits perfectly for my boy.  It felt great to make for my little one.